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About us

Background is a research communication platform that was founded in 2016 by the current CEO Axel Landberg. Axel Landberg has been working within the media industry for several years managing many projects with a strong academic approach. In his work he meet many researchers that wanted to communicate their research but didn't have the needed resources. Many of the researchers were passionate about their work and many times offered to write articles within their area of expertise. The will to write and communicate formed a democratic idea that all researchers should be able to publish articles, free of charge on an open platform and that this could enhance the spreading of knowledge in the society.

The concept

The purpose of is to make it easier for researchers to communicate with an audience outside of the academy. All the articles that have been published on have been written by researchers that we at Ciennce have verified. Since the purpose of publishing at Ciennce is to reach a broader audience most of the articles have been written with a language that is easy to understand and are in general not longer than 500 words. We offer support to all researchers that would like to publish on our site. We can help out with the content, headlines, images and social media. Most of the articles on Ciennce have been written with a reference to a specific scientifically published article but this is not mandatory. We also publish articles where researchers share their insights on current subjects within the area of their expertise. All researchers that publish on our platform will always own their published content. This can be read in our Terms and Conditions and in our Privacy Policy. The platform will always be free of charge for both publishers and readers. To finance our business we offer support and marketing solutions to our prominent partners.


There are more than 7 million researchers in the world that every year are publishing thousands of scientific articles covering a huge number of subjects. Together with the academic community we want to create an international platform where our main newsfeed consists of English articles written by researchers from different countries. The goal for this platform is also to become an established site where readers go to get the researchers point of view on current subjects. We want Researchers that are covering the Middle East to publish explaining articles on the current war in Syria and that technical researchers explain how self-driven cars will impact the transportation system and everything inbetween. We strongly believe that our platform will ad something to the media landscape and contribute to the sharing of knowledge.