The world’s total nominal R&D spending has been approximately one trillion dollars per year in the last decade, the large investments lead to more than 2 million new scientific publications every year. However, the scientific results are not highlighted as much as the should. Therefore, we created Ciennce. is a platform created to make it easier for researchers to share insights from new publications. All the articles on have a minimum of one scientific reference and are published by researchers. Ciennce started 2016 in Sweden and since the launch several hundred researchers have published articles on and It’s free of charge to both publish and read all the articles.

Fake news in social media

Today we are consuming more of our information on social media and information spreads faster than ever before. A negative consequence of the faster dissemination of information is that source criticism is not always done properly, and unfortunately, even false facts can spread widely on sociala media. It is therefore important that research on current issues such as global warming is highlighted in popular media, but unfortunately very little research goes out in the media. One explanation is that research results are rarely communicated in a comprehensible and easily accessible way to the public.

Smart communication is appreciated

In 2015, we conducted a survey to find out why so little research is available to the public. Our survey showed that many researchers find it difficult to share their results, but most researchers gladly write summary texts about their results. The result of our survey gave birth to the idea of ​​an accessible platform, where researchers can publish summary texts on scientific results that could be shared in social media. The concept was launched in Sweden 2016 and have been received with open arms. Hundreds of researchers have already published articles on scientific results at our Swedish site and on

Research is spread in social media

Since we know that more and more facts are shared on social media it became natural for us to spread the articles published on on social media. A major advantage of research-related information is that in many cases there are several organizations that could have an interest in sharing the articles.

Open Access opens up the research community

The research world is becoming more open, as more scientific publications are published Open Access (OA). Publishing OA means that research results are made available on the internet at no cost to the reader. In order for more people to find the publications published OA, the results must be communicated in an easy-to-understand and easily accessible manner. Hence, publishing a summary on with a link to the publication will increase the potential number of readers of the publication.

Sharing knowledge for a better world

The world is faced with many major challenges that researchers all over the world are searching the answer for. Some examples of challenges that are heavily researched include antibiotic resistance, diabetes, obesity, poverty, an aging population and climate change. Research results made available in a comprehensible way allow more people to use the results. Increased knowledge can, for example, cause more people to avoid diseases and more choose more energy-efficient energy-efficient solutions that reduce the impact on the global climate. An increased dissemination of research information leads to a better society.

Publish or share the articles and help us share more knowledge in the society!